SEO Pyramid: Understanding the essentials

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at a basic level has become a must in todays online world. Failing to comply with the basics of SEO will render your business virtually invisible, even if you have a website. Put simply, SEO is the process of gaining visibility in the unpaid ‘organic’ search results of major search engines. This means that without paying for advertisements and pay per click, your website can still show up on the front page. Doing this however is a long process that doesn’t happen overnight, so patience is key. Nonetheless regularly performing optimization techniques has proven to be a great way to generate traffic naturally and increase leads. Below is the SEO pyramid designed by mozSEO which illustrates the fundamentals of which your SEO is based on.



SEO essentials



As you can see, the base of it all is your content. The content is the main focus of optimization since it is the main essence of your presentation. From there, you need to do proper keyword research and adjust your content necessarily to match your target keywords. After that you may engage in the link building process, however it is important to stay up to date with Google’s ever changing algorithms so that you can avoid being blacklisted altogether. These techniques are called “black hat” techniques as opposed to the recommended and encouraged “white hat” techniques. Once that is done, the final step in the process is to engage with your social media networks using viral marketing tactics, as well as your own content and response.

SEO can often be overwhelming for many, however this infographic sufficiently breaks down the whole method into a comprehensive outline for what you need to do. Remember, this is only scratching the surface, each of these sections need their own emphasis as they are all based off each other. Nonetheless, having a strong base (content) will make your pyramid stand strong, and active social engagement without adequate content will end up hurting you and collapsing on it’s foundation. Take time to conduct your research and thoroughly implement your findings if you really want to reap the full benefits of SEO.