How to Choose a Competitive Domain Name

How can I choose a good domain name? This frequently asked question has many tiers to analyze when answering, and depending on who you ask, you might get a different answer. Many undermine the importance of having a unique brand domain name and many don’t know how to effectively use it. Since Google places heavy emphasis on keywords, having your industry or service included in your domain can end up ranking you higher. Overall, when choosing a domain for your website, it is important to look at the following things.




Should I use a long hyphenated domain such as  “”?


I would stay away from such domains for many reasons. The first one is the lack in branding. Unless you generate conversions on first time visits, it’s most likely that they won’t remember you. It’s portrays a lack of originality and lacks credibility as well. This technique also has limited SEO value, contrary to what many may think.

In an online marketplace that is only increasing in competition, branding properly gives you much needed distinction. Also, it is much easier to build links to branded domain names. Most people take these domain names much more seriously than a “” domain, which often gives off the impression of spam. Linking to such domain names may end up devaluing your content and hurting your image.

The only downside to branding your domain name is that unless you have a huge marketing budget, chances are that your target market isn’t just going to search for your company name right away. Luckily, there is an important element between your branding efforts and your overall SEO strategy.



Rankability SEO strategy domainsWhen coming up with a Domain for your website it is necessary to look at a combination of both branding and SEO. There are lessons from domaining, branding and SEO that offer significant insight when deciding on a domain name.

The best approach to use is a Generic + Term approach. Examples of such domains are companies such as ClairvoyantConcepts, Travelocity, FlightsCity, mozSEO, CarHub, Netflix, etc. This approach has multiple benefits and tremendous SEO value. The reason for this is because people are now forced to use a keyword within your brand, which Google significantly prefers. Striking the balance between readability, linkability, and overall branding is what this approach helps to accomplish. It is generic enough to generate leads from target keywords in search engines, yet are unique enough and contain enough branding distinction to be memorable.


Tips: Testing Your Domain Name For Penalties Before Buying it

  • Make sure the site is not blocking GoogleBot in their robots.txt file
  • Point a link at the domain from a trusted site and see if Google indexes it
  • Within a couple weeks, your website should show up in Google’s search results. It should list the site when you search for it in Google using “”