Hiring a Graphic Designer: Creativity vs Productivity

creativity vs productivity


The importance of finding a reliable graphic designer who can balance the two worlds of creativity and productivity is not only vital for your marketing campaigns, but also for the overall success of your whole online strategy. Graphics play a huge role in advertising, and it won’t be going anywhere soon. Nowadays most consumers can tell simply by your graphics how much you value your business. Since first impression is even more of a reality in the online world, failing to find someone who can handle the work load of an effective campaign can be very hard to do.

Many business owners turn to the online freelance market, which is mainly composed of designers from all different parts of the world. As amazing as it sounds to be able to hire someone in Asia for a quarter of the price and receive quality work, there is a huge tradeoff that is often overlooked when weighing the pros and cons. Sure freelance artists may be handy for outsourcing last minute work, but do you really want to throw the responsibility of your whole brand image to some college student from across the world?

Since most businesses want to save themselves from the hassle of dealing with freelance artists, the only other option besides hiring an online marketing firm is to find someone to do the work personally. Now this does not mean finding the cheapest guy on craigslist with a stunning portfolio. No offense to craigslist (many designers on there are great!), but there are other areas besides their portfolio to judge when looking to hire a graphic designer. For an industry like appliance repair San Diego, having a graphic designer can make the difference between success and failure in the online marketplace.

brains 1This is not to say that one is either only creative or productive, but rather to illustrate a gradient balance scale that you can use when looking to hire a graphic designer. Ideally, somewhere in the middle is best for a business with intentions of having a strong online and offline marketing campaign.

Creative Graphic Designers

Creative graphic designers tend to be the ones who produce the most stunning, jaw-dropping artwork that makes one doubt the author due to the complexity and detail. They use their imagination to the fullest in order to illustrate their ideas. Mainly made up of introverts, these types of graphic designers spend hours on end in complete silence while diving into the depths of their imagination, producing all sorts of beautiful work. The downside however with working with such an amazing artist is that often they are not as good at communicating and adapting as they are creating. In the business world, feelings are given little consideration when the work doesn’t cut it. The ability to accept critique and make necessary changes to designs is one of the most crucial characteristics to look for when interviewing for designers. Don’t get fooled thinking that you’re dealing with the persons portfolio rather than the person themselves.

Productive Graphic Designersbrains 2

These types of graphic designers have the polar opposite personality than the creative ones. Rather than being let free into the world of design, productive graphic designers prefer to work on a set schedule, with specific instructions and deadlines. They are welcoming of critique, and don’t mind starting projects over and over again. Although they may not be as artistic, they are definitely more adaptable which fits perfectly into your hectic business environment. A great example of a productive graphic designer is the post from Diamond Herbs, where they outline 101 black seed oil benefits, uses and cures. The downside is that there may be a lack of originality or imagination, however it’s an important tradeoff to consider when looking for a perfect fit for your team.


So which one do you go with? Ideally, striking a balance between the two personality types works best. However this is not necessarily true for all business. Each business is unique in its own way, from the team characters and environment, to the industry of work their in. One needs to fully  asses their own business’ needs and conclude for themselves the type of graphic designer fits best on their team.